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FAQ'S- Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can use WERP?
    • IFA
    • Sub Brokers
    • MF Centric Advisors
    • Insurance Agent
  2. How do I benefit using WERP if I am a...
  3. IFA: Using WealthERP an IFA get to see a 360 degree view of his clients profile information and investments across all  assets and liabilities, thereby empowering him with the information to make strong unbiased financial advice. It also allows and IFA to streamline and manage his operations and sales teams.

    Sub Brokers: WealthERP allows a broker to manage a customer's equity portfolio. The information can be uploaded thru standard xls formats or integrated with the backoffice system and can also be entered manually. Both delivery and speculative trades can be managed. Equity MIS and Customer statements (Holdings, Realised, P&L, etc) are provided to help the broker service his clients better. Multiple portfolios (like PMS) can also be tracked.

    MF Centric Advisors: WealthERP helps MF centric advisors move to a fee based model which is the need of the hour for the industry. WealthERP provides him with a process to manage his internal team, allowing him to focus on his customer. An advisor gets to understand his customer better using the comprehensive profiling module of WealthERP. The platform allows an advisor to manager  MF investments of his customer (both historical and daily), send alerts and reminders, and also push out statements to his customers, giving them a higher level of customer satisfaction and value add.

    Insurance Agent: An insurance agent can track all types of policies including ULIPs for his customers. The system shows premium due and maturity alerts in advance and hence makes the advisor pro-active rather than reactive.

  4. How will I be able to service my clients using WealthERP?
  5. WealthERP acts as a solid client servicing platform which provides detailed information about the client starting from profile, portfolio, consolidated view of customer portfolios, logins, reports and statements, MIS at different level. Consolidated periodic statements can be sent out to the customer using emails. Regular alerts and reminders to the customer (like Stop loss, Book Profit, SIP reminders, etc) can be pushed via SMS. Customer also gets to view his portfolio online through web-login ids.

  6. Is Financial Planning an integrated part of WealthERP?
  7. No it is not an integrated part, you have to subscribe for it.

  8. What about my historical data?
  9. Historical data can be uploaded into WealthERP through MF/ Equity backoffice xls or dbf files as well as standard xls formats. WealthERP team will assist you with the data migration.

  10. I have never used any such software. How easy will be the transition?
  11. All you need to have is a laptop/desktop with an internet connection and you are ready to go.  All the history data from the R&Ts can be uploaded using xls/dbf files. Daily transactions can also be uploaded at the click of a button. It doesn't require any IT infrastructure setup.

  12. What will my customers get out of it?
  13. Customers will get to view (and manage) their consolidated portfolios online, receive alerts and reminders (like Stop loss, Book Profit, SIP reminders, etc), view reports and statement. In short, they remain in complete control of their investments.

  14. How safe is my data?
  15. WealthERP is hosted out of a state of the art, Level 3 Internet Data Center. Data center an ISO 27001 certified and and SAS 70 Audit (Type II) facility.

    Key components of our security include:

    • Data and Password Encryption.
    • Servers are protected with Firewalls.
    • Physical, System, Operational Security Measures.
    • Code signing certificates while transmitting - data.
    • distinct sub-domains for each customer
    • 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

    In short, your data will highly secured.

  16. How can I switch from lower version to higher version or vice versa once I am already a subscriber?
  17. Wealth is a "pay as you go" service, so you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. If you want to upgrade, you can tell us with the modules or features that you would like to use. New subscription fee depending on your requirement will be charged from the next cycle.

    To view a list of features with each subscription please follow the link.

  18. What about training of my employees? Can you arrange on premise training?
  19. We undertake training services, to help our clients use the product better.

    Web Training: WealthERP Product Manual and How to Videos are made available over the web for clients to access. Web training is also provided through remote login software.

    Offsite Training:  We provide training support to clients. Interested clients are invited and regular Training classes held to educate them on the usage and new features of WealthERP.

    Onsite: Onsite Training is provided as part of the client on boarding process, where a dedicated trainer visits the client premise.

    To request for Training, Please mail us at or call us at +91 080 4130 5249.

  20. How often do you review product masters? How do I get the updates?
  21. All the product masters will be maintained by the WealthERP backend which will provide regular updates on the product masters. You don't have to worry about it.

  22. How does it differ from other software's available?
  23. Other software's follow a server/desktop licence approach, which means you will have to buy a licence for every system. It requires initial cost which includes Infrastructure setup (procuring of server etc) and the up front license cost. Plus you pay a recurring amount every year as maintenance charges for the software. Having IT infrastructure would also require a team to manage it. Whereas if you use wealthERP, you don't pay any up front cost or infrastructure setup cost. All you need is a desktop with an internet connection and you can start using Wealtherp.

  24. What does on demand or SaaS mean?
  25. Software as a Service (SaaS) allows you to use rent a software. You only need to pay the rent. Software, the functionality, the infrastructure, stored is the provided by the vendor. Similar example will be a email services from Google or Yahoo.

  26. Why should I use SaaS?
  27. For the following reasons:

    • Instantaneous Implementation: When you sign up for the service, You are up and running the same day as compared to weeks of implementation for deployments at your office.
    • Major cost savings: As opposed to making a capital investment in buying software and associated hardware and professional services, with SaaS, you are renting the software on a monthly basis. This reduces risks and improves cash flows. It also has a lower TCO compared to software.
    • Automatic updates & upgrades: Our SaaS solution works on a multi-tenancy model which support multiple customers on a single server. In other words, the same software is servicing all our SaaS customers. So, we need to update or upgrade only one server instead of having to deploy the software updates in hundreds of customer locations. You benefit from automatic updates for bug fixes or feature upgrades that are constantly being pushed to our servers.
    • No need for IT Support: Since we are hosting the application at our data-center, there is no need for you to be concerned about software or hardware IT requirements. You don't have to worry about the technology infrastructure and it's management. Also, you don't need dedicated IT staff to manage the infrastructure.