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Portfolio Tracking/Distribution Solution

Multi Asset Portfolio Tracking

  • Mutual fund, Direct Equity, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Fixed Income, Govt. savings, Property, Pension and Gratuities, Personal assets, Gold Assets, Cash and Savings, Collectibles

Customer Profile

  • Dashboard, Bank Details, Proofs, Income and Expense, Demat account


  • Manage Prospects, Quick Financial plan, Convert Prospect To Customer


  • AMC wise,Schemewise. Folio Wise, Turnover Summary, MF Systematic , Upfront Commission, MF transactions


  • Upload MF & EQ backoffice files. View logs, Upload exception handling, User Management, Manual Valuations


  • Alert Dashboard, Alerts Notifications, Alerts Mutual Fund, Equity, Fixed Income, Insurance maturity

MF Order Management

  • Order entry, Recon with Transactions

MF Commission Management

  • Upfront and Trail


  • Individual and family reports, MF summary ( Category wise), Portfolio Returns, dividend Summary, MF Transaction report, Opening/Closing Balance Report, MF Capital gain summary and detail, MF comprehensive Factsheet based report, Equity-Sector wise, Equity-Transaction and Holdings report, Asset Allocation, Investment summary, View, email, save reports, personalized reports, Net worth summary, Financial Planning report

Bulk Mailing of Reports

  • Mail reports to a number of clients in one go.

Product repository

  • MF masters, MF Prices, MF performance comparators, MF portfolio factsheets, EQ prices, EQ Masters