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"Wealth ERP software has helped me in my business expansion and client retaining strategy implementation. I am able to be in touch with my clients on a regular basis and they can access their investment portfolio 24/7 through our website. It is just like having a branch with good infrastructure and staff without any overhead."

Srikanth V Kulkarni MoneyTree

" Wealtherp has reduced my work considerably and clients are extremely happy about the reports. I wish i knew about this product couple of years back

Venkat Pisces Investments

"I on behalf of Succinct FinTech Services would like to give our candid view and the experience so far with Wealth ERP software and the customer support as well. The particular software is very much user friendly. With a single login you will be able to see all market data such as Equity, Gold as well as MFs with real market figure and the same can be linked to the customer's portfolios for tracking their individual portfolio performance.

As far as financial planning is concern the software produces a excellent report which is not only allow the planner to modify the basic figures viz rate of inflation, annuity rates, returns of a particular investment vehicle etc, but also able to generate unique reports for any particular client basis their risk profile, asset allocation, specific goals etc.

The best part is, now it has introduced a Model portfolio concept within the software where planner can create a particular investment/portfolio model and map it to the customer fitting to their risk profile and goals as specified.

The entire team of customer support as well as the management are very much aggressive in term of client relation. They are anytime involve into developing the software to give a better than the best service from time to time. Whether the issue related to the ERP is small or big the customer support team take it on a serious note and get it resolve within the TAT.

Looking forward similar kindly of long term mutually beneficial relationship in future too."

Succint Fintech